Paper submission procedure

Procedure for Full paper submission via the Conference Portal

To be able to submit your paper via the Conference portal, please ensure you are registered on the portal. i.e. you have a username and password.

If you have not registered, please register via this link

To begin your submission, login via this link entering your username and password:

Upon successful login:

  1. Locate and click New Submission
  2. Click Step 1 of the submission process and a new page opens
  3. Select the appropriate track for your submission
  4. Click all the checklist
  5. Click save and continue, to go to step 2 of the submission process
  6. Click browse to select your full paper then click upload
  7. Once uploaded, click Save and continue, to go to step 3
  8. In step 3 enter submission metadata:
  • Author's details:
  • First name* :
  • Middle name :
  • Last name*:
  • Email* :
  • URL :
  • Affiliation: Name of Institution the authorĀ 
    is affiliated to
  • Country :
  • Bio statement:
  • Title* : NB: This is the title of your full Paper
  • Academic discipline and sub-disciplines
  • Agencies: any agencies that provided
    funding or support for the paper
9. Save and Continue to go to step 4. While here ensure your file is uploaded before you click finish submission. Once submitted successfully, locate Logout on the right and click to logout.

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